brand identity / web design / development

Generous was a first of its kind pay what you want e-commerce platform where a percentage of each sale went to a good cause. Founded in 2012 with Jared Mees and Andrew Sloan of Tender Living Empire, as well as Matthew Govaere and myself as the dev team, our goal was to provide a simple way for creative people to sell the things they made on a sliding scale while supporting non-profits they believed in.

I provided front end design & development and brand identity design for Generous.

The Infinislide

To make pay-what-you-want fun and interactive without limiting the amount people could pay, I developed a unique interface element called the Infinislide. It allowed drag-and-drop price picking on an infinite “timeline” and became such a defining feature that we also developed the brand identity around it!

Generous intro video by Andrew Sloan
Generous embed v2.0
Generous was designed for ultra-portability. Pages and embeds scale responsively to any size without losing functionality.

During our public beta, users sold over a quarter-of-a-million dollars worth of products and donated over $75,000 to various non-profits using Generous. We attracted incredibly talented creators and numerous high-profile, altruistic, sellers such as Russell Brand, Amanda Palmer, and Epitaph Records. Generous ultimately shut down in 2017 as the founders pursued other creative endeavors.